Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Chris...are you out there?

Christine Ruth Thornton - we stumble upon your picture...sitting on a of Rodney Alcala's victims.  How can this be?!?
The Huntington Beach Police Dept. detectives say that you called them and identified yourself as the woman in that picture.  How can that be?!?
You have been missing since 1977.  You have never contacted your family.  You have been missed...
The HBPD can't give any proof that you actually contacted them.  Are you truly out there?
There are no records available (and believe me I've searched) attached to your name or your social security number.  Have you changed your identity completely?  Or is the HBPD wrong?
If you're out there, please contact me.  If you're out there, it has been too long...
your loving sister,
Kathy Thornton